ACTNano & Borris Powell

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Borris Powell Designs and ACTnano Inc. recently partnered to introduce Advanced nanoGUARD (ANG) by ACTnano to the fashion world. Borris Powell Designs is the only luxury men’s and women’s apparel designer in Chicago that will have ANG stain-resistant nanotechnology as an option on its clothing.

Advanced nanoGUARD is a revolutionary nanocoating that is entirely undetectable to the human senses and makes clothing stain-resistant in a nontoxic and environmentally safe manner while allowing it to remain highly breathable. Advanced nanoGUARD is an option that can be applied to anything and everything in Powell’s line except lycra and spandex.

Borris Powell Designs features women’s clothing ranging from evening gowns and cocktail dresses to jumpers and outerwear as well as Men’s Custom Suits, Shirts, and Ties. Borris Powell, has been featured in publications and events throughout the Chicago area and has received national recognition. His studio is located in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago and offers regular sales, custom designs, and now, stain-resistant items treated with ANG from ACTnano Inc.